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Our Services

Our services are available individually or as a complete garden package. We do a lot more than is listed below so please get in touch to chat about the work you're considering.

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Gardening & Landscaping


  • Full design package - plans, full plant list, wildlife benefits and care guide. 

  • Partial re-design for smaller areas

  • General planting, replanting and pruning

  • Tree planting

  • Soil improvement

  • Beds and Borders reshape

  • Seasonal tasks - Wildlife pond health check, mulching, natural pest control, feeding

Building Services


  • Patios & pathways - variety of options

  • Brickwork

  • Hedging - including 'dead' hedges!

  • Fencing and trellis

  • Raised beds

  • Wildlife shelters - hedgehog houses, bird feeders, amphibian refuge etc

Habitat Installation
  • Wildlife pond specialists

  • Insect hotels & habitats - rustic or formal style

  • Specialist habitats - e.g. to support Stag beetles

  • Designated wildlife areas that are designed with biodiversity in mind

Additional Services


  • Vertical gardens

  • Removal of man-made flooring e.g. Astroturf, concrete

  • Self-watering systems

  • Garden consultations - online or in-home (certain Bristol postcodes)

  • Industry specific - see below



Corporate Gardens

Professional services to bring nature into your workplace.


Creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional for your team to enjoy.

Community garden.png

Community Gardening

We believe in access to nature for all. If you are in the Bristol area and are a community or charity project, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help wherever we can.

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Garden Wildlife Sessions

Designed for families, schools and community groups with children under 11. They take place in your garden to allow the children to enjoy their new found knowledge long after the session has finished. 

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