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Habitat Based Design

Our garden designs are inspired by natural habitats, built to support wildlife and not just attract it.

When we create a space for you and for wildlife, we leave you with easy to follow information to maintain it year after year whether it's in a single pot, or a whole plot!


We can incorporate any plants that you really love, along with bug hotels of all sizes, bird and insect feeding stations, wildlife ponds, and budget-friendly automatic watering systems. 


All to help keep your garden happy and wildlife thriving. 

Woodland Edge.png


Our woodland habitat combines the dense and beautiful foliage found in forests with an early spring pop of colour to kickstart your wild garden at the very start of the season.  This habitat provides an essential food source for early bees, and cover for other critters as they get ready for the breeding season. Ideal for shady areas of the garden and with minimal maintenance, the woodland garden provides support for wildlife throughout the seasons.

Paradise tropical.png

Paradise in the City

We may not live in a tropical country, but this habitat design incorporates big-leaved plants with bold and vibrant flowers to give it that holiday feel. This design can be used in both sunny and shaded areas, and with the right tweaks will still provide food and shelter for insects and pollinators. ​In our opinion, this type of habitat goes great with a pond and bird feeders for that hidden oasis feel.


Country Orchard

The UK's orchard habitats are now classed as a priority under the UK’s Biodiversity Action Plan. They are ecologically important areas that go a long way in supporting pollinators, birds, mammals and insects.  We can help you to recreate a small (or big) part of that habitat with dwarf fruiting plants, grasses, ferns and flowers to support a wide range of species looking to make a home in your garden.



Looking for a calming water feature to add to your garden, but not feeling so calm at the thought of digging and electrics? A wildlife pond is a great solution. These little oasis can be created in a medium sized pot or a half barrel, and will be built to sustain itself with little input from you.  Having even a small pond can really diversify the number of species in your garden, provide a breeding area for amphibians and be a valuable water source for all creatures great and small.


Hazy Meadow

Meadows and open grasslands sustain insects, giving them food and shelter. In turn, those insects support the rest of the food chain, attracting and supporting a number of species of birds, bats and mammals.  If you appreciate a busy but beautiful mix of towering hollyhocks, open leafed poppies and a rainbow of wildflowers that blow in the breeze then this habitat is the one for you.



- Birds and Bees: Adding pollinator friendly plants, bug houses, bird boxes and feeding stations. Care guide provided - No Slug Buffet - Slug resistant plants where possible - Forever Green: Evergreen plants where possible - Minimum Fuss, Maximum Love: Hardy and easy to care for plants - Gardens For Renters: Elements that are easy to move and have no permanent fixtures or fittings, but create a unique and wildlife friendly garden that is easier to take apart and move.

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