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Gardener in Bristol


What We Do

We're a full service team of gardeners and landscapers, who love to support wildlife. 


Our knowledge and expertise enable us not just to attract but also to nurture the wildlife that visits your garden.

Whether you're considering a small change or a complete garden overhaul, we offer a range options to cater to your specific taste or budget. 


Together, lets make your Wild Garden.

How We Work
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It all starts with a visit to your garden, to chat about what you would like (even if you're still making up your mind) and if there is anything else you would like us to consider for you personally. We come with no judgement and are happy to work in all different types of gardens, in a way that suits you. We can help with gardens that are shady, concrete/astro and work around these to keep worktime and costs down. We also love to reuse anything we find in the garden to provide a sustainable solution. For more information on these areas, please visit our services page.

Our Services
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Our core service is the design and building of wildlife gardens led by an understanding of natural habitats and wildlife. Our aim is to leave you with a wildlife garden that you love - that attracts wildlife, supports it and promotes biodiversity in your local area. 

Please see our services page for more information on how we work, or for some inspiration see our habitats page.


In addition to our full design and planting services, we can also help in other ways to make your garden more wildlife friendly.

Raised Beds - Stock.png


Whether you own or rent your garden shouldn't affect your enjoyment of it. We have solutions to make a garden that is easier to move, and without any fixtures or fittings

Garden with path - Stock.png


Some TLC for your garden which can include planting, pruning, maintenance or adding habitat areas. This can be a one off or a seasonal booking. Contact us for availability.

Design - Stock.png


For those who would like to understand more, or just find some new ideas, for their wild garden. We have years of experience in wildlife habitat building and planting, and are happy to share this with you. Contact us for more information

Bug hotel - stock.png


Have an area in your garden (even if just a corner) that you'd like to be a little more wild? We have designs for standalone habitat areas that can be adapted for your garden.

Watering system - STOCK.png


We can install a range of self-watering systems that minimise your water use, keep your garden watered while you're away and ensure your plants have access to the water they need. Contact us for more information or to book a measure and quote

Container garden - STOCK.png


No garden too small. Everyone can make a difference with areas for wildlife. This can include very small areas, balconies, vertical gardens and gardens with flooring unsuitable for traditional planting.

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